How Klaus builds a scalable sales process post Series A



September 15, 2023


After Klaus nailed a $12M Series A round, the pressure was on to scale their sales process. We partnered with them to improve deal execution and customer experience across the funnel. The outcome? Top-notch execution through improved visibility, repeatable processes, and happy customers.


Klaus is a customer service quality management platform. So far, the scale-up raised ~€20M in funding from Acton Capital, GFC, and others.


About Klaus 😻

Klaus is a leading customer service quality management platform. So far, the scale-up raised ~€20M in funding from Acton Capital, GFC, Creandum and others. Using AI, they identify service gaps, automate QA, and ensure consistent quality across agents, teams, BPOs, and languages. Their goal is straightforward: drive revenue and boost retention through top-tier customer service. 

When we started collaborating with Klaus, they had just secured a strong $12M Series A round, led by Acton Capital and Global Founders Capital.

Their Challenge

After their Series A, Klaus aimed to unlock their next growth stage. As the scaling team targeted larger and larger customers, they needed to up-level their deal execution to prevent deals from slipping and win against major competitors:

  • Prospect engagement was done via email, PDFs, and spreadsheet mutual action plans. This was cumbersome to manage and difficult to standardize for a growing team.
  • Absence of effective engagement tracking limited insights into buyer activities. It was not clear how prospects worked, how engaged they actually were, and when to reach out to ask for help.

The Solution

Klaus implemented Valuecase across their whole sales team with record-breaking speed.

3.1 Tangible, instant results

Klaus worked closely with us in the onboarding. Our team prepared a first version of their template based on existing material. In result, within just 30 minutes of using Valuecase, Klaus' team sent out their first Valuecase space. 

Feedback from prospects was overwhelmingly positive right from the start.

“Thanks so much for this, it’s so great and I will definitely pass it along to my team! I don’t think I need anything else.” - One of Klaus’ enterprise leads

Moreover, the platform had a direct impact on win rates and allowed Klaus to better manager their opps through the improved visibility.

And thanks to the powerful templating Valuecase offers, new reps are ready to use Valuecase within minutes of first using the platform. This massively simplifies onboarding new colleagues, a key success factor in fast growing startups.

3.2 Repeatable deal execution

With Valuecase, Klaus ensures pitch-perfect deal execution every time. 

Account Executives have immediate access to the most current and relevant content, eliminating the scramble that often precedes client meetings. And as everything is templatized, follow ups only take minutes.

Mid-of-funnel, Valuecase mutual action plans replaced the spreadsheets and PowerPoints AEs used to align next steps with. In complex deals, mutual action plans are indispensable to prevent stakeholder chaos and drive deals forward on a reasonable timeline. With Valuecase, AEs can interactively align next steps and take prospects by hand through their buying journey.

Along the sales process, Valuecase's activity tracking features offer Klaus invaluable insights into prospect engagement. Finally, the sales team knows which prospects are actively engaging with which asset. These insights can be used to qualify prospects and pick perfect timing for outreach to unresponsive prospects.

"Out of the first 5 spaces I created, I closed 4 of the opportunities, and the engagement was through the roof." - Niclas Jonsson, AE Manager at Klaus

3.3 Great customer feedback 

Klaus is hyper-focused on being different and creating a lasting impression with prospects as well as customers. Their playful branding certainly mirrors that.

With Valuecase, they found a white-label platform that enabled them to extend their differentiation to the sales process, offering a standout experience from the first touchpoint with their sales team.

The adoption of Valuecase had an immediate impact on Klaus' brand perception among enterprise customers. The platform's unified and professional interface impressed clients, who appreciated having all necessary information and touchpoints consolidated in one easily accessible space. This not only streamlined the buying process but also allowed Klaus to differentiate itself from competitors through a superior customer experience.

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