Navigating the maze: How WorkFlex wins complex deals

Jan Niklas


September 25, 2023


As WorkFlex began to target larger corporations, the complexity of their deals naturally increased. We teamed up with WorkFlex to streamline these labyrinthine deals. Our approach? With Valuecase WorkFlex facilitates effortless engagement with complex stakeholder groups, timed to perfection, ensuring flawless deal execution every time.


WorkFlex is a simple yet powerful workation and business travel management software.


Hear from Patrick, Co-Founder at WorkFlex

About Workflex

WorkFlex supports organisations in making workations and business travel compliant. A software solves all relevant compliance challenges, incl. taxes, labour law, data security and social security. Hundreds of other companies already use WorkFlex to empower their team to work remotely and travel without compliance risks (e.g. Vodafone, BioNTech, Flix).

We collaborated with WorkFlex from the start supporting them on their journey to a few hundred clients by the end of 2023. Patrick, co-founder of WorkFlex, worked with Valuecase already in a previous role and implemented it at WorkFlex after hiring the first salespeople. 

Their Challenge

Flexible work solutions are becoming increasingly important for companies. After gaining successful traction with SMBs, WorkFlex decided to target larger customers. As WorkFlex moved upstream in their sales efforts, they needed to upgrade their sales game to counter the ever-increasing complexity and make sure sales cycles remain manageable.

  • Stakeholder Management: Mid-market and enterprise deals often involve more than 10 buying stakeholders from various departments, each with their own unique requirements. Engaging these many stakeholders successfully via e-mail proved challenging.
  • Deal Progress Visibility: Simply sending out an email with a PDF attachment didn’t  provide much insights into the buyer journey beyond the unreliable email open rates. 
  • Deal execution: With a growing company, sales team and product offering, the number of sales & marketing assets exploded. Finding the right assets became unmanageable, especially for AEs. Oftentimes, they opted for the faster approach and sent out what was at their hand degrading customer experience.

The Solution

One-link engagement of complex stakeholder groups

Throughout WorkFlex’s sales process, stakeholders from multiple departments get involved, who do not buy software on a daily basis. Hence, it’s of utmost importance to keep everyone aligned and in the loop along the entire process. 

“During weeks- or months-long deals, you often get introduced to a new stakeholder last minute. And then they know nothing about us.”

With Valuecase, WorkFlex centralises all relevant information in a single, digital place - easily accessible and always up-to-date. If additional details are required, WorkFlex can effortlessly update the existing space, making the new information instantly accessible to everyone involved. 

Since all the relevant information - historic and present - is stored in the Valuecase space, new stakeholders can get easily up to speed and WorkFlex doesn’t need to explain the entire value proposition of WorkFlex and the history of the deal over and over again. This keeps the sales process streamlined and efficient, avoiding the bottlenecks that often come with a lack of information.

Perfectly-timed outreach to drive deal speed 

Knowing who has engaged with which information is key for driving complex deals forward. In the past, the sales process offered minimal insights into buyer engagement between meetings as email open rates are notoriously unreliable.

With Valuecase, WorkFlex gets buyer signals across 40+ unique events - directly delivered to HubSpot and Slack. Now, the sales team has complete transparency on the deal's current status and its progression. They know which particular stakeholder has engaged with which piece of information enabling them to make well-timed check-ins and follow-ups. 

“With the old approach of sending a PDF, you send something out and directly lose control over it. With Valuecase, we keep the control and we keep the buyers engaged.”

Pitch-perfect deal execution - every time. 

With Valuecase, WorkFlex’s Account Executives have immediate access to the most current and relevant content, eliminating the scramble that often precedes client meetings. And as everything is templatized, follow ups only take minutes and follow the envisioned company narrative. 

This does not only increase the available selling time of AEs, but also ensures that everyone always sends out the correct information boosting customer experience and preventing deals from getting lost due to human error. 

And having the entire sales process codified in Valuecase spaces helps the growing sales team at WorkFlex to onboard and continuously educate new joiners much more efficiently.

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