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Valuecase API

Connect Valuecase to the tools you use every day, creating powerful workflows.




Valuecase API

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Valuecase API

Connect Valuecase to the tools you use every day, creating powerful workflows.


The Valuecase API enables you to put space creation and personalisation on auto pilot. You can pass in personalisation data from your systems (think lead gen forms, marketing automation, CRM) and automatically create spaces, customise their content, and use the space link in further automations.

Exemplary use cases

The possibilities with the API are endless. It's especially powerful in use cases where you need to create and customize a lot of spaces. Furthermore, it allows you to connect Valuecase to your systems, even if we don't offer a native integration. To kickstart your creativity, we collected some use cases from our customers.

Auto-create onboarding space

Connect Valuecase to your product sign ups. Valuecase can automatically create a space for each sign up using your onboarding template. Then, you can send the link somewhere else for further automations, e.g. in Hubspot.

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Send out a space to webinar participants

Connect Valuecase to your website forms and automatically create spaces, e.g. for leads signing up to your webinars. Then, you can send the space link to your email client to send out the spaces.




Check out the demo below to see one use case of the API in action. The video features a connection between a form in Webflow, Valuecase, and Gmail.

How to use

To use the Valuecase API please reach out to us to receive your API keys and the API documentation.

Then, you can send and get data from the API. It's also possible to use platforms like make.com, Zapier, or Postman to integrate Valuecase deeply into your workflow.

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