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Google Drive

Share any of your Google Drive files




Google Drive

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Google Drive

Share any of your Google Drive files


You can now conveniently embed files directly into your Valuecase workspace through our Google Drive integration, including Google Docs, Sheets, PDFs, Presentations, Videos, and Meet recordings. This feature ensures that your most essential resources are readily available, enabling you and your team to create personalised space experiences even more swiftly.

How to Use:

Sharing files from Google Drive in your Valuecase spaces can be done in a few clicks:

  1. In Google Drive, copy the link to the file you wish to embed.
  2. Add or select a content block in Valuecase and add media by clicking the "+ add media item" button in the sidebar.
  3. In the add file popup click on the embed dropdown and select Google Drive.
  4. Paste the sharing link to your Google Drive file the input and click “Insert”.

Please note: Make sure you have applied the sharing option "anyone with the link" to the file in Google Drive.

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