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Collect data, feedback and more directly in Valuecase.





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Collect data, feedback and more directly in Valuecase.


Typeform is a powerful survey and form-building tool that can be embedded into Valuecase seamlessly, enhancing data collection and streamlining workflows. Create and embed interactive surveys, contact forms, and feedback forms effortlessly within Valuecase. Leverage Typeform Embed to optimize how you collect insights and feedback, making your workspace more efficient and productive.

How to use

Embedding a Typeform page into your Valuecase space is simple:

  • Log in to your Typeform account, open the typeform you want to embed, click on the Share panel, then click Embed in a web page and select one of the embed options.
  • In Valuecase, add or select a content block and add media by clicking the plus in the sidebar.
  • Select the iframe symbol </>.
  • Paste the typeform embed code and click "embed".

Before embedding a Typeform, make sure to publish the form. With Typeform embeds, Valuecase spaces become more interactive and data-driven, enabling seamless data collection and efficient information exchange.

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