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Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets to build interactive calculations, e.g. for pricing or ROI calculators.




Google Sheets

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Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets to build interactive calculations, e.g. for pricing or ROI calculators.


The native Google Sheets integration in Valuecase enables you to create an interactive calculator in minutes. Our customers use this integration to show pricing or ROI calculations. You can specify which inputs your prospects will be able to adjust, which outputs will be shown, and fully customize the calculation through Google Sheets.

How to use

Follow these simple steps to utilize the Google Sheets interactive calculator in Valuecase:

  1. Click the blue "+" button in the sidebar and select the "Interactive Calculator Block" to add a new block.
  2. In the sidebar, click "Open" to access the linked Google Sheet, where you can create the underlying calculation logic.

Google Sheet Tabs to Adjust:

  • Input: Define input parameters, including pages, line items, units, and descriptions. Enable drop-down answers to provide additional context to your buyers.
  • Calculations: Manipulate the inputs using formulas and other Google Sheets capabilities to build the calculation logic.
  • Output: Link the calculation results to the value column, and customize their display with adjustments to type, title, description, and units.
  1. Navigate back to Valuecase and click "Refresh" in the sidebar to update the interactive calculator block with the adjusted data.
  2. The results will be recalculated and appear in the block, showcasing the value of your solution to the buyer. Adjust the inputs as often as needed to personalize the calculations.

With the Google Sheets integration, the interactive calculator block transforms your Valuecase spaces into a powerful tool for value-based selling and data-driven decision-making. Watch our Loom video for a visual explanation of the Valuecase <> Google Sheets mapping for more information.

For more detailed instructions, including a video walkthrough also check out our Interactive Calculator guide.

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