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Google Forms

Streamline data collection with integrated Google Forms.




Google Forms

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Google Forms

Streamline data collection with integrated Google Forms.


Google Forms allows you to create custom surveys and forms to gather valuable data. The Valuecase integration with Google Forms brings this data collection functionality right into your Valuecase space, enabling you to streamline information gathering, foster collaboration, and ensure seamless access to critical insights.

How to use

Integrating Google Forms into your Valuecase spaces is a simple process:

  1. Create your desired Google Form with all the necessary questions and options for data collection.
  2. Open the Form, click on the "Send" button, and select the "Embed" option from the menu.
  3. Copy the provided embed code for your Google Form.
  4. Add or select a content block in Valuecase, and click the plus icon in the sidebar to add media.
  5. Select the iframe symbol </>.
  6. Paste the Google Formembed code and click "embed".

With Google Forms now embedded in your Valuecase space, you can seamlessly collect data, feedback, and survey responses from your team members or clients. Collaborate effectively, qualify your leads, and make informed decisions with ease using the Google Forms integration in Valuecase.

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