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Embed anything

Use HTML code to embed anything into Valuecase.




Embed anything

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Embed anything

Use HTML code to embed anything into Valuecase.


The Embed Anything functionality in Valuecase offers unparalleled versatility by allowing users to embed any site or tool available as an iframe directly into their workspace. This powerful feature empowers users to bring external content, applications, or interactive elements seamlessly into Valuecase spaces. By leveraging HTML code, you can enrich your collaboration experience and streamline access to essential tools and resources. Whether it's integrating interactive visualizations, third-party apps, or other web-based content, Embed Anything takes Valuecase to the next level, catering to diverse needs and enhancing productivity.

How to use

Using the embed anything is straightforward and follows the same steps as our pre-build embeds:

  1. Obtain the HTML code or iframe embed code from the website or application you wish to integrate into Valuecase. Many web services and applications provide an embed option that generates the necessary code snippet, usually available via the sharing functionality. You can also generate an iframe from most website URLS.
  2. Add or select a content block in Valuecase and add media by clicking the plus in the sidebar.
  3. Select the iframe symbol </>.
  4. Paste the HTML code or iframe embed code you obtained from the external website or tool.

Now, you can conveniently access and interact with the embedded site or tool directly within the Valuecase space.

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