Scaling Sales Efficiently: Workmotion's Success with Valuecase



May 3, 2023


Workmotion enables companies to remotely hire and manage employees worldwide. They raised over 75M$ funding within 2 years. Valuecase helps Workmotion to run and scale a highly efficient sales process, differentiating from first call to customer success and cutting non-selling time by 25%.


WorkMotion enables global employment at the push of a button. They raised >€75M in funding from Activant, Xange, and others.


Beating the competition through a best-in-class buying experience.

The market for hiring employees remotely exploded in 2020. As all competitors hastily built up by-the-book sales processes, Workmotion wanted to differentiate through providing a disruptive buying experience that makes them stand out even if prospects compare 5+ similar solutions.

Using Valuecase, Workmotion turns endless email chains with lost attachments into interactive workspaces for their prospects. This way, Workmotion enables internal champions to navigate even complex processes, and increases transparency to a degree that buyers never get from competing vendors.

Sales reps at Workmotion now close deals much faster with the average number of meetings decreased by 33% from 3 to 2. And their prospects love their new and differentiating experience.

I think this is the most comprehensive product info I have ever received from a vendor, and I love it. I don't need to go back and forth to ask different info for different stakeholders as even the IT info is available in the demo.

Cutting non-selling time by 25% through a one-stop-shop for all 
sales assets.

Workmotion's products are legally complex, so the sales team needs to handle a large amount of frequently-updated educational materials. This inevitability led to outdated assets being shared with customers and sales reps spending too much time searching for assets in opaque document dumps. As a result, customer engagement quality and sales productivity suffered.

Through Valuecase, Workmotion introduced a central repository for all sales material – sharable and pre-packaged for different buying journeys. Content in different formats and from different sources can be controlled and updated centrally. Sellers get detailed guidance on where they can manipulate or personalise content - and which content they should rather not touch.

In result, Workmotion increased engagement quality in even the most complex enterprise deals, while also reducing non-selling time by 25% through allowing sellers to prepare, personalise, and send materials more efficiently.

When it comes to non-selling time, Valuecase saves us at least 25% of our time. Valuecase replaces slide decks for our AEs and SDRs, making all customer-facing materials available in one place (videos, testimonials, pricing, next steps, etc.). Every personalised space we create is based on templates in our own brand identity, bringing quality assurance and standardisation to the next level.

Ensuring ROI and quote calculations are always spot on.

The cost of hiring remotely differs significantly country by country due to local regulations. This makes quoting Workmotion products complex - it takes time to deliver high transparency in proposals and quotes are error-prone.

To get to accurate and transparent quotes in no-time, Workmotion uses Valuecase’s built-in interactive calculator. The calculator is embedded in every single Workmotion Valuecase space and enables prospects as well as sales reps to rapidly quote based on multiple customer requirements. And it is easily adaptable if the pricing should change in the future.

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