Product Update: Track time spent, create custom variables & more



May 21, 2024

May '24 Release 🌱


Today, we're launching 3 major features on Valuecase along with several improvements. Meet our overhauled activity feed, custom variables, team collaboration, new quick actions for MAPs and more.

Time spent in activity feed

Track the total and per-session time your customers spend on your Spaces. Activities are now aggregated by session for better overview and insights.

Time spent analysis

Custom variables for hyper-personalization

You can now go beyond "first name," "last name," and "company name" to personalize your templates. In your admin settings, you can set up new variables that will be available in the text editor. These custom variables must be filled out before creating a Space. Typical use cases include product package, industry, or country of your customer.

Space properties setting screen

Add team members to Spaces for better collaboration

Add internal collaborators to a Space for better teamwork, especially on Mutual Action Plans. Collaborators can:

  • Be added as stakeholders in the mutual action plan.
  • See the Space under "My Spaces" in the Dashboard.

We're planning more collaboration features soon. Please share your feedback.

Manage internal collaborators

New MAP quick action, bug fixes and more!

  • New MAP Quick Action: Add a quick action button for customers to write comments in mutual action plan tasks.
  • Update Get in Touch Email: Overwrite the email shown in the Space contact card via profile settings.
  • Change Favicon: Add a custom favicon in your admin design settings.

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