How to share a Valuecase space (+ 5 e-mail templates)



June 30, 2023

Sharing Spaces, Explained


The scenario is all too common. You send something to your prospect, but they don’t quite know what it is or why they're getting it. The result? Zero engagement. So, how do you prevent this from happening to your Valuecase spaces? We share our favorite tips in this article.

Walkthrough: How to share a space

Nailing the first touch of a prospect with a space

Naturally, the first contact with a Valuecase space determines how the prospect will engage with it over time. We've helped many of our customers increasing prospect engagement and distilled some best practices based on when you share the space in the customer's journey below.

How to share a space with a cold prospect

When sharing a Valuecase space with a cold prospect (e.g. in account based selling), clarity and personalization are king. In your email, make it clear what they'll find if they click. Highlight that it's personalized and crafted just for them.

However, some cold prospects may still be hesitant to engage.

If that's the case, hold back on sharing a space in the first email. Instead, ask if you can send some additional information. Once you've established a line of communication, share the space in a follow-up email.

This is how your first email could look like:

And this is how you follow up if they answer:

Include an easy way for them to book a meeting via our Calendly or Hubspot Meeting integration. As always, our space analytics will tell you if the opportunity is real or not.

How to share a space as a meeting prep

Sharing a space before a meeting can set you apart from other vendors even before the first touch and speed up the discovery. The activity tracking will give you a good first idea of what the prospect is interested in.

Just include the space link in your reminder email 4-5 hours before the meeting. Quickly explain what it is, but keep the email short.

How to share a space as follow up after a meeting

If you are sharing a space as a follow up after a successful meeting, the engagement will be higher as your prospect is more likely to be actually interested in what you send them. It is especially effective when the prospect is already qualified.

During the meeting, let your prospect know that you'll be sending a follow-up space. Frame this as their central hub for the sales process, where they'll find all the information they need.

Make it clear that this Valuecase space is a value-add for the prospect - a testament to the time and effort you're investing to make their life easier. This is how a meeting follow up email could look like:

How to share a spaces that you used in a meeting

Using Valuecase in a meeting to present or work on a mutual action plan familiarizes your prospect with the platform.

By the time you send it out, they'll know the what, why, and how of Valuecase. Also, you can get the full potential out of the platform as this workflow can significantly reduce the time you need to prep and follow up.

Thus, this is our favorite way to work with Valuecase. Here is how an email with the space link could look like:

With the familiarity gained from using Valuecase in the meeting, your prospects will find it much easier to navigate the platform on their own.

If you want to take it one step further, ask them to open the link during the meeting. For instance, you could  send the link via the meeting chat and ask: "I just sent you the link, could you quickly check if it works for you?"

How to maximise ongoing engagement

Valuecase spaces aren't static resources. They're dynamic hubs that grow and change over time. As your sales process advances, ensure that your Valuecase space stays relevant.

Unlock new pages, upload fresh content, and continually work on the mutual action plan with your champion in meetings and asynchronously. You can even link to specific parts of the space, making it easier for your prospect to access new materials without having to navigate through the entire space.‍

This comes in handy especially if new stakeholders enter the deal that need a fast way to get to specific resources.

Important settings for all use cases

Sharing a Valuecase space is as easy as it gets: just copy the link and send it to your prospect. However there are some best practices to follow to ensure that you get the best results.

Leave the space unprotected

While we built our space protection features for a reason, we recommend you to leave them turned off by default. Space links include an unguessable token, so it's close to impossible to get to them without having the direct link. And having to enter a password or email address adds a barrier to entry for the prospect.

Later in the process, when you work more closely with your prospects on Valuecase and upload confidential information, you can still add restrictions.

Keep an overview of engagement

Keep an eye on prospect engagement via the activity feed in your dashboard, in the space sidebar, or via the Slack integration (highly recommended!). This way, you know if your spaces are clicked.

Turn off CRM link open tracking

If you send the link in an email through your CRM, chances are that your CRM tries to track email opens and link clicks. Theoretically, there is nothing wrong about it. However, many enterprise spam protection systems block emails with tracking turned on.

In addition, link tracking will mask the URL of the space link, making it harder for the prospect to understand where the link is leading to. For example, if you track a link with Hubspot, the URL will look something like this: http://t.sidekickopen[xx].com/e1t/c../../ Very cryptic.

Thus, we recommend turning any tracking off. The beauty of Valuecase is that the analytics tell you if a space has been clicked or not (see above). And since email opens are often wrong and massively inflated, you are not losing valuable information.

Here is how you turn tracking off in Hubspot.


Engaging with prospects effectively is about more than just having the right tools; it's about using them correctly. By thoughtfully sharing your Valuecase space, you're not just sending a link - you're opening a door to personalized, interactive communication that could revolutionize your sales process.

If you have any questions around this or want to dive deeper, please reach out to us.

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