Product Update: Record Videos in Valuecase



May 14, 2024

🎥 Video Recording


We're launching Video recording and screen capturing in Valuecase.

With our new video recording tool, you don't need to rely on external tools like loom or vidyard anymore to record personalised videos. Here's how it works:

How to record a video

1. In a Content Block, click "Add media item" in the sidebar. Select "Record a video".

2. This will bring up a side panel in which you can select what and how you want to record. When ready, press "Start recording" to proceed.

3. The recording will start after a 5 second countdown. When you're done, click the stop button. Then, we'll render your recording and it'll be shown in the block.

Some of our favorite use cases & tips

If you're not yet sure how to best leverage videos, here are a few ideas:

  • Record a personal intro to your Space
  • Explain your proposal or other complex features of your Space
  • Introduce your customer success team after closed won

Just answer to this email if you have more ideas / use cases to share.

A few sidenotes

  • The feature is in beta, we appreciate your feedback!
  • It only works in the content block for now. Let us know which blocks to add next.
  • The recording stops after 5 minutes.
  • After recording, we need to render your video so it plays in every browser. You can safely leave the tab while it's rendering.
  • More information, including a short walkthrough can be found in our help center.

We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy recording.

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