Product Update: Valuecase Engagement Score & Improved MAP Insights



March 23, 2024

Engagement Score & more


We're thrilled to launch our Engagement Score. It'll make it easy to identify your most (or least) active Spaces. We've also updated our dashboard to better track your Action Plans.

Here's what you need to know about the Engagement Score:

  1. Activate the Engagement Score from the column selector on your dashboard. (Note: If it's not visible, your company's admin may need to enable it in the settings first.)
  2. The Score reflects engagement over the last 14 days, categorizing it as low, medium, or high.
  3. Clicking on a Score in your Space list will display further details about the engagement level.

Bonus: By connecting your Spaces with HubSpot or Salesforce, the score automatically synchronizes, enabling seamless integration into your CRM reports and workflows.

Curious about how the Score is calculated? Find out more here.

Deal Engagement Score

Following your feedback, we've made another improvement: your dashboard will now remember your column selections.

This is especially useful for those using Mutual Action Plans as Action Plan Progress and Status columns will now be saved for future sessions.

Add columns to your dashboard

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