Product Update: A feature packed summer release!

Niclas Aunin


September 4, 2023

Summer Release ☀️😎


Welcome to our feature-packed summer release! In the last weeks, we added a new Welcome Pop-Up, an Analytics Dashboard, our API to put space creation on auto-pilot, and more.

Before we start, you can get a quick overview of the most important new features in the video below. Or just continue reading.

#1 Welcome pop-up

Create a message that will appear when a prospect visits your space for the 1st time. It's a great way to greet your prospects and to onboard them on your space.

You can activate it and customize it using the page overview in the sidebar. We recommend setting it up in the template so it's right there when you create a space.

#2 Analytics (admins only)

Get aggregated insights on the performance of your Valuecase spaces. Track trends in buyer visits, activities and more.

More reports are already in the works. And if you want to see something specific, please reach out!

#3 Save a space as template

You can finally convert your spaces into templates to make them reusable. Just click on the 3-dots in the space list and select "save as template" (available for users with access to template editing).

#4 Valuecase API

With our API, you can automatically create & personalise spaces. And you can integrate Valuecase into existing workflows in tools like Zapier or This enables you to auto-create spaces for new opportunities, send spaces to a lead list (e.g. from events), or use Valuecase in cold outreach.

Check out our API landing page and reach out to use to discuss your use case.

And that’s not all - here are some additional highlights

  • Deeper activity tracking on the action plan: You can now also see in the activity feed if a buyer opened a task in the mutual action plan.
  • Number of prospect activities in the dashboard: Next to space visits, you now also see the total number of activities your prospects did in your spaces.
  • Connect to Salesforce self-serve: Our Salesforce integration enables you to sync customer data for space creation and view space details from Salesforce. To get started, just navigate to our integration settings and select Salesforce.
  • Commenting: We improved the interface to make it easier for your buyers to discover the commenting button.
  • New guides on our website: Check out our resources for best practices and tips, e.g. templates to share Valuecase spaces & our mutual action plan blueprint.

As always, reach out to us with any feedback or questions.

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