Product Update: Mutual Action Plan



April 26, 2024

Mutual Action Plan Update


We've launched an update that significantly improves the usability and interactivity of our Mutual Action Plan.

Clickable Task Names

Easily access and update task details by clicking on the task name.

Super Fast Inline Editing

We added advanced inline editing to the task list. You can now adjust due dates and assignees right from the list! To edit a task, click the edit button next to the task name. You can then rename the task, add assignees or a due date.

Updated design

We've improved the layout to make it easier to find and use the quick action buttons, due dates, and assignees. A huge thank you to everyone who shared their insights during our user interviews! The changes will be live tomorrow.

New quick action: Write a comment

A new quick action option is now available for Mutual Action Plans: Write a comment. This feature allows you to directly request comments or collect any other text input from your customers to a MAP task. Customize the button text to suit your needs, ensuring relevance and clarity for each task. The comment text will appear in the comment section of the task details for easy access.

New text input quick action button

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