Product Update: Content Automation



May 24, 2024

Content Automation


Today, we're bringing automation in Valuecase to a whole new level. This new feature has "saved hours", led to "zero click" experiences, and helped to streamline template management for our beta customers.

Meet Content Automation

Content automation allows you to show or hide blocks & pages based on pre-selected values.

This allows you to: Show different pricing depending on customer size, tailor testimonials & case studies to a vertical, or adjusting content based on deal stage.#

How to

  1. Start by creating a Space Property via the Admin Settings. You can pre-define which values are allowed.
  2. In any template, click the three dots next to a page or block in the sidebar. Select Set Automation.
  3. Select the property that will control the automation and configure if you want to show the page / block when the property equals a certain value or does not equal a certain value.
  4. Click "Save" and you're done. You'll see an indicator of the new automation in your Sidebar.
  5. Now, when creating a Space from this template, you'll be ask to fill out the Space Property. What you put in will then decide if the page / block is visible or not based on your configuration.

Read more in our help center.

Our favourite use cases so far

  • Show different pricing for enterprise vs SMB leads
  • Create verticalized pages and auto display the right page
  • Marry it with our API to fully automate Space creation and content, e.g. for outbound sequences, self-serve / low-touch customers, and high volume sales. Feel free to answer to this email to learn more.

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