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May 24, 2023


We're shaping the new home for sales. And we are incredibly excited to show you our new brand that will pave the way.

Rebrandings are always incredibly difficult. When do you do them? How much time can you invest? What should be the budget?

After considering it for quite a while, the right time to kick-off the branding process for us was end of last year. We knew that while Valuecase had grown tremendously over the last months, our corporate identity still felt like an MVP that was just not reflecting our ambition.

Now, we are incredibly excited to showcase the result of our (longer than expected) process to redefine our brand identity.

Our ambition: Building the new home for sales

Today, sales and customer success teams of all sizes choose Valuecase to engage customers, simplify collaboration, and uncover never-seen insights along the way. Docs? Mutual action plans? Commercials? With Valuecase, they are all in one beautiful space, shared with prospects in just a click.

We created Valuecase to be a place where salespeople can help buyers on their journey. A place designed with the needs of both buyers and sellers in mind. A place where new relationships can be forged and deals can be made in confidence. 

Valuecase Spaces are designed to give your product a place to shine and are customizable, inviting, and dynamic. Fill one with the most important things that your customer needs to know—and leave out the rest. If your customers get stuck, we help you find out why and where. We let you act quickly and keep deals from slipping away.

Valuecase Spaces are made for collaboration and building relationships that last. Since most of our meeting rooms have become pixelated and our products intangible, it’s important to have somewhere we can connect. From first contact with your product, to the sale, to onboarding, and beyond.

Simply put, Valuecase isn’t another sales tool that you’ll try out once and never end up using. It’s a new approach to business. It’s a way of building meaningful connections with clients. It’s a place where sales can live.

It’s Valuecase.

The new home for sales.

Meet the new brand

Thank you

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support from our partners at CRU and 02100. We're grateful for their expertise and dedication in helping us shape our new brand identity. A special shoutout goes to our very own Lima and Kobe, who worked tirelessly to steer this massive project in the right direction.

We're inviting you to explore our newly redesigned website and updated branding, and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for your continued support, and here's to the next exciting chapter for Valuecase!

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