Product Updates: Better tracking, CRM sync, MAP updates, and more



February 23, 2024

January '24 release


We've upgraded our activity feed for more stakeholder insights, launched deeper reporting and workflows for Hubspot as well as Salesforce, and made the mutual action plan milestone block much more interactive.

#1 More stakeholder insights

Even if you don't restrict your Spaces to see exactly who comes in, we now show you if multiple stakeholders enter. Note that this tracking is not perfect, but it's a great first indication for buying center complexity.

New activity feed with anonymous stakeholder identification.

#2 Sync Space properties to your CRM

You can now sync Valuecase deal properties like visits, activities, MAP status and more with HubSpot and Salesforce. This enables you to use Valuecase data in native reports, trigger workflows based on changes, and more. For HubSpot users: a user with the permissions to create new properties needs to reconnect the integration to create the properties.

CRM Mutual Action Plan Dashboard

#3 More details in Milestones block

Mutual action plans are one of our most used features. Our updated milestones block now makes them even more interactive. Just click on any milestone to show the upcoming tasks. This works great in screen sharing too.

Milestone Progress Block update

#4 Ask for email before entering a Space

You can now ask for email entry from anyone who enters your Spaces without restricting it to specific domains or people. This unlocks new use cases, e.g. using a single Space as a landing page for multiple companies.

Sharing settings to require email entry

And there are more changes:

  • Filter by template: You can now filter by template in the space list.
  • Last changed: We added a last changed column to the template and space list, so you can see when you last updated a Space.
  • Vimeo + Vidyard embed: You can now natively embed Vimeo and Vidyard videos. We've also redesigned our embedding journey to support more embeds in the future.
  • Google Drive embed: Share files from Google Drive, including Slides, Docs, Videos, Sheets and Meet recordings. Important: You need to set Google sharing settings to 'Anyone with the link' to enable embedding.

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